The NY Health Act (Gottfried/Rivera), will provide universal publicly funded single payer health care (expanded Medicare for all) to all NYS residents regardless of age, income, health or immigration status. No deductibles, no networks, no copays, no insurance companies. Just comprehensive inpatient, outpatient medical services, dental, vision, rehabilitation,  prescription drugs, laboratory tests, mental health services available to all!

The bill passed the NYS Assembly twice and is now within ONE VOTE of being able to pass in the Senate! Please join us in supporting this excellent and humane piece of legislation.

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Here’s what the bill is all about, and here is a lengthier FAQ

And here is a discussion of how the bill effects Taft-Hartley Plans, such as unions have.

Here is a link to the Campaign for NY Health website, and here is a link to Healthcare-NOW, an organization working for a national single payer system, as are Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP).